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Answer the rising challenge of effective project management

“Operations keeps the lights on, 
the strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, 
but project management is the train engine 
that moves the organization forward”
Joy Gumz

Project Management is one of the fastest-growing and most popular areas of business education. It is especially relevant during financial crises and times of limited economic resources. Project Management's answer to these challenges is the creation of new ideas and the application of innovative technologies in today’s highly competitive economy.

The aim of this course is to provide managers with skills and expertise to formulate and execute the best possible response to project, communication and risk management.

Project Management is highly relevant today with the rising challenge of effective management of projects in the communities, public projects as well as private projects. It is designed to evolve critical thinking and practice in international and industry-specific Project Management.

MSc in Project Management is meant to prepare highly-qualified specialists in one of management's most in-demand areas today, as well as to help develop strategic-thinking skills and the ability to accept and implement strategic decisions in varied contexts. The program will also teach students effective management skills for both Russian and international projects.

The managers will acquire a balanced blend of quantitative and qualitative tools through theoretical and applied instructional methods. They will learn to initiate, manage and drive change through the use of financial and business competence. This approach to project management has proven to be practical and effective in the world’s leading companies.

A Master’s Degree in Project Management is ideal for managers who want to “juggle three balls - TIME, COST and QUALITY”. It is good for people who want to obtain or expand existing knowledge of project management, motivate people and achieve cost-effective results.

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"Project Management" is a two-year program allowing its participants to obtain all the necessary knowledge in the field of project management. This program includes subjects such as international business, marketing, operations management, human resource management, statistics, motivation, risks, changes, planning, and much more. This course is designed for obtaining practical project management skills - an important element in today's business environment.

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Phillip Samouel

Dr. Desmond Doran

Robin Matthews


14000 Per year

The price is fixed for the entire period of study.

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